Advertising and Development Course

Advertising and Development Course

2015/10/20 Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd.

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NOETEX company since 2010, will be published in the internationally renowned medical journal advertising-related products and the company's presentation, we are committed to environmental protection and the development of products NEOPRENE brace, every moment we are thinking about how to NEOPRENE with care a combination of manufacturing and reduce the impact on the environment.



When in 2011, our company set out to develop a new foam lamination technology, and trying to use the brace above the foam with different characteristics NOEPRENE gave us a lot of space to develop, these protectors will be produced relative more breathable, lightweight.



When in 2012 we focused on the popular cycling made a series of development, combined with a number of photovoltaic material developed to improve traffic safety factor nighttime product is LED jacket, using 3D windproof fabric so that the whole LED jacket very thin, and can effectively avoid the cold wind hit. The three-stage LED flashes can be controlled changes, can effectively improve nighttime vigilance to ensure traffic safety.



While in 2013, we extended the use of photovoltaic material technology, and joined the common development of protective gear, and we hope through some combination of the use of different materials to create stylish and practical products that can subvert the average person on the traditional protectors Cognitive class, so brace become both beautiful and effective action to protect the wearable device.



In 2014 we continued last year's idea: "How we make out of the product both beautiful and practical?" We tried more color and pattern variations using the sublimation transfer printing technology, and with reference to a few customs in different regions, as a graphic design considerations, and the use of the newly developed protective gear, allowing users to have more selective.



We also focus on the medical aspects of the brace category, using a new bonding technology, so that the protective gear integrally formed, and no longer need to follow the car sewing away. The technology for the textile industry of human loss may occur in the future is a critical part of coping mechanisms, and avoid as many number of similar needle fracture risk factors and hiding them away because the car sewing generated.


When in 2015 mainly to promote our new products fit "SPONPRENE", through the research and development of environmentally friendly water-based solvents and foam combination, so we are more extensive protective gear at the application level, rather SPONPRENE technology fully meet customer needs more high breathability and comfort requirements.



The safety risk factors mentioned sharp needle sewing away the previous year car possible hiding, we have been through the introduction of metal detectors used in quality management to make people understand how we are to deal with and prevent processing kind of security risk factors, so that customers of the company's product quality can be recognized and confidence.




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