Pretty vest belt

Pretty Trousers

Pretty Trousers

Lycra and NEOPRENE combine with NEOPRENE and use a variety of material stitching and weaving methods to fix the swinging amplitude of the big and leg muscles, avoiding the extra burden caused by ineffective vibration, protecting the knees and preventing cramps.

Pretty vest belt

Pretty vest belt

Designed with a belt and vest strap, it corrects posture when worn, and supports the waist with aluminum sheets to help relieve back pain


Neotex's Pretty vest belt | Neoprene Product Manufacturing

Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd. is a Pretty vest belt neoprene fabric, neoprene sheet and neoprene product manufacturer from Taiwan. Neotex's REACH, PAHs and ROHS certified neoprene fabric is widely used in wide range of industries with high performance.

Neotex's neoprene sheet is suitable for products including neoprene braces and supports, wetsuits, cooking gloves, neoprene weight trainings, neoprene knee straps, hand, ankle and wrist athletic and medical products, etc.

Furthermore, Neotex's neoprene sheet can provide you suitable protection for your equipment, regardless straight or curve pipelines, valves, fittings and vessels.

With both advanced technology and 22 years of neoprene fabric experience, Neotex makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Pretty vest belt


pretty vest belt
pretty vest belt

Combination of belt and vest belt design, Ting ridge beauty

Supporting your back and waist together! Prevent and adjust the humpback situation. 4 aluminum sticks to be covered in the waist for stronger supporting. Using the elastic band to strengthen the corset ability.
Product introduction
Pretty vest belt is a combination of SPONPRENE laminated fabric and webbing manufactured by NEOTEX.
R&D team
The development team is responsible for the three main conditions of the corset, support, and pain relief required for the belt protection, and the product development with the convenience of adjustment and the drawstring structure design.
Product certification
The products have been tested and the company has certifications such as SGS, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Material through Reach and RoHs.


Pretty vest belt
Pretty vest belt is able to correct posture when worn, light and breathable, and has aluminum support to support the waist, helping to relieve back pain.
Clipping curve
The belt made of three-dimensional cuts can be perfectly floated on the back, so that you can wear it without affecting the movement and avoid discomfort.
Back aluminum support design
Made of aluminum sheet as the back support, and perfectly floated by the elastic band

Applicable object

Applicable object-
long standing, sedentary and easy back pain, class, counter staff, and handling, warehousing, passenger and cargo drivers.

Product Details

Belt and vest belt combination, back and waist supportFor long-term bad posture or hunchback condition, you can give good supportUse an aluminum plate to support the waist and use an elastic band to strengthen the corset


  • Material: breathable and durable
  • Usage: support and prevent some injuries such as Sprains and Strains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or repetitive Strain Injuries…etc.
  • Size: S、M、L、XL
  • Color: Multiple choose color
  • Please use fresh water to wash below 40 degree.
  • Do not use chemical to wash.
  • Hang up to dry. Do not use warm iron.
  • One size fits most.
  • Easy use and fit.
  • Adjustable straps for proper support, comfort and fit.
  • Comfortable neoprene blend help knee retain warmth.

Size Table of Cycling Jersey

Waist circumference method: Use a tape measure to measure the waist at the thinnest part of your navel, while raising your head and breathing naturally, so that the measured tape measure is close to the measurement.

Men's waist size

Men's waist cm70-7374-7778-81
Men's waist cm96-100101-105106-111112-117

Women's waist size

Women's waist cm66-6970-7374-7774-7778-8478-84
Women's waist cm78-8485-90103-108109-114115-120

Order Information
  • MOQ: Mainly based on actual negotiations
  • FOB:Port: Taiwan-Kaohsiung
SGS Certificate

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