Seat Belt Cover

Pretty Trousers

Pretty Trousers

Lycra and NEOPRENE combine with NEOPRENE and use a variety of material stitching and weaving methods to fix the swinging amplitude of the big and leg muscles, avoiding the extra burden caused by ineffective vibration, protecting the knees and preventing cramps.

Pretty vest belt

Pretty vest belt

Designed with a belt and vest strap, it corrects posture when worn, and supports the waist with aluminum sheets to help relieve back pain


Neotex's Seat Belt Cover | Neoprene Product Manufacturing

Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd. is a Seat Belt Cover neoprene fabric, neoprene sheet and neoprene product manufacturer from Taiwan. Neotex's REACH, PAHs and ROHS certified neoprene fabric is widely used in wide range of industries with high performance.

Neotex's neoprene sheet is suitable for products including neoprene braces and supports, wetsuits, cooking gloves, neoprene weight trainings, neoprene knee straps, hand, ankle and wrist athletic and medical products, etc.

Furthermore, Neotex's neoprene sheet can provide you suitable protection for your equipment, regardless straight or curve pipelines, valves, fittings and vessels.

With both advanced technology and 22 years of neoprene fabric experience, Neotex makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Seat Belt Cover


Seat Belt Cover
Seat Belt Cover
Product introduction
The seat belt cover is a SPONPRENE fit fabric product manufactured by Sanhe Jie.
R&D team
In view of the environmental protection recycling demand to use SPONPRENE, to prevent long-term long-sleeved seat belts or backpacks and other things caused by shoulder friction injuries.
Product certification
Products have been tested and certified to SGS, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Seat Belt Cover: When using a seat belt for long-distance driving, or when wearing a backpack with a long back, it can slow down the shoulder and directly touch the webbing.

Applicable object

Applicable object-
Installed on the seat belt inside the car. Or on the backpack strap.
When driving long distances, it can slow down the shoulder and directly touch the webbing.
Use in a computer bag to slow down the shoulders and directly touch the webbing with discomfort.
Order Information
  • Minimum Order: Small order q'ty accepted
  • Reference Price: Trial order is acceptable.
  • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
SGS Certificate

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