Story of development

Up to 2013, NEOTEX UNION INDUSTRIES CO., LTD has been well recognized for having a good cooperation with 3M, providing them with a vast variety of medical products; focusing on manufactured supports and fabric products.

During many years of close cooperation with different manufacturers neotex has gain great experiences from the examination of raw materials, manufacturing and quality control of finished products. In order to develop a smooth manufacturing process, we follow a strict and high standard procedure to produce that lead us to the fabrication of excellent products.

Certainly, there are lots of difficulties that are hard to overcome, but we are constantly working hard and trying to improve techniques to solve any problem that might lay ahead of us. It’s more than just enhance techniques, it is also fulfilling the variety of requirement for our clients.

With have improved our OEM performance, introducing a new production line to develop cycling jerseys, sport supports, medical products, sewing processing and fashion boutique products. Our main clients include 3M, FUTURO, HAYABUSA and MULLER etc.

Recently, NEOTEX UNION INDUSTRIES CO., LTD is facing a new stage of change and challenge that will certainly lead the company to a higher level of competitiveness; to do so, we’ve dedicated ourselves to create our own brand that represent our unique meaning and passion for our products. All this has been done under the principle of respecting the consumer and not against our clients, let OEM and our own brand work both ways.

  • Night markets play an important role in Taiwan; it's unique for most of Taiwanese.
  • Night markets play an important role in Taiwan; it’s unique for most of Taiwanese. Night markets are not only a place when you crave for delicious food but also a good place for shopping after a tiring day of work. It is also a famous attraction for tourists all over the world.

    However, after night market when you are on your way home, some of you may walk back and others may ride bicycle back home; therefore, it is dangerous when in the night only with dim lights on the streets or no lights at all; there are potential risks, that is, you are being neglected and may cause serious injury by car accident because you don’t have tail lights or any warning lights.

    How to create products for bikers and pedestrians becomes our top priority. Therefore, we invented a series of LED products such as LED windbreaker, LED cycling jersey, cycling pants, etc….so that it enhances the safety for bikers and pedestrians.

  • Night markets

The development of protective gear for the silver-haired people and the combination of Taiwanese culture

  • Temple Religious Culture
  • Taiwan has freedom of religious beliefs not only Western religions but also have unique Eastern religions. However, compare to Western culture, ceremony in most Eastern culture is much complicated. Whether in Buddhism or Taoism they all have to pay respect to the Gods by three kneeling and nine times bowing, according to the rites of Zhou(in Confucianism).

    According to references three kneeling and nine times bowing can trace back to Zhou, and it’s for showing respect to emperor, earth, heaven and father. To worship by kneeling is to show extreme respect, kneeling means you believe from the bottom of your heart. Three kneeling and nine times bowing means deep down of your heart are extremely respect and sincere, that is the biggest etiquette to worship Gods.

    The ceremony of various temples is bustling with noise and excitement. Some of the rites take really long time and might involve with intensive activities. For elders, while they are participating in the activities of rites, it may cause burden to their body.

    Therefore, our company specifically participated in the activities of temple in Taiwan and uses this experience to combine our techniques, so that we developed support products exclusively for elders who love to attend temple activities. Elders in Taiwan are kneeling frequently to show the respect of Gods, knees and lower back need to be particularly taken care of. For those elders who make long trek, support product will aim for safety, warmth and sunburn protection to give our clients a better service.

    Picture of kneeling and bowing:

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