Plane sewing

Pretty Trousers

Pretty Trousers

Lycra and NEOPRENE combine with NEOPRENE and use a variety of material stitching and weaving methods to fix the swinging amplitude of the big and leg muscles, avoiding the extra burden caused by ineffective vibration, protecting the knees and preventing cramps.

Pretty vest belt

Pretty vest belt

Designed with a belt and vest strap, it corrects posture when worn, and supports the waist with aluminum sheets to help relieve back pain


Neotex's Plane sewing | Neoprene Product Manufacturing

Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd. is a Plane sewing neoprene fabric, neoprene sheet and neoprene product manufacturer from Taiwan. Neotex's REACH, PAHs and ROHS certified neoprene fabric is widely used in wide range of industries with high performance.

Neotex's neoprene sheet is suitable for products including neoprene braces and supports, wetsuits, cooking gloves, neoprene weight trainings, neoprene knee straps, hand, ankle and wrist athletic and medical products, etc.

Furthermore, Neotex's neoprene sheet can provide you suitable protection for your equipment, regardless straight or curve pipelines, valves, fittings and vessels.

With both advanced technology and 22 years of neoprene fabric experience, Neotex makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Plane sewing


Plane sewing is the combination of cutting pieces and pieces by sewing. It is often used in the production of tops and sportswear, purses, shoe materials, protective gears, etc. Sewing use introduction:

英文:Sewing Machine。

A flat sewing machine is mainly a machine that uses a sewing thread to form a stitch on a sewing material to interweave or stitch one or more layers of sewing material. It is usually divided into two types: thin material and thick material. The flat sewing machine can sew cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon and other fabrics and leather, plastic, paper and other products. Thin materials are generally used for knitting, underwear, shirts, uniforms. Etc., thick materials are generally used in all kinds of sportswear, jeans, fashion, coats, shoes and hats, leather, luggage, etc., sewing machine is the most basic type of sewing equipment, in sewing, is the simplest stitch The stitches are neat and beautiful, the stitches are even, the flatness is firm, and the sewing speed is fast.

Overlock sewing machine

The main function is generally to prevent the seams of the garment from fluffing. Overlock stitches can be divided into single line, double line, three line, four line, five line and six line:
1. Single-line overlock is a single-needle and one-line stitch, which is mainly used to sew a blanket edge;
2, double-line overlock is a single-needle double-line stitch, mainly used to sew large elastic parts such as the bottom of the elastic shirt;
3, the three-line overlock is a single-needle three-line stitch, which is a common stitch for ordinary knitwear, especially the stitching of some garments with low grades;
4, four-line overlock is a double-needle four-wire stitch, which adds a needle thread than the three-line overlock, and the strength is improved. It is used for stitching or stretching of clothes with higher grades, and the friction is stronger. Parts such as shoulders, sleeves, etc., especially the sewing of the outer garment;
5, five-line overlock is a double-needle five-wire stitch, its stitch fastness and production efficiency are further improved, the elasticity is better than the four-line overlock, often used for the sewing of outerwear and complementary underwear.

Zig-Zag Needle Machine

It is used for Z-shaped sewing with certain elastic stitches, such as bras and underwear.
Commonly used are two-point machine (304) and three-point machine (308),
The electronic stitch sewing machine can set straight lines, 2 points, 3 points and 4 points on one sewing machine.
The zigzag, needle-shaped and other zigzag seams greatly increase the equipment activity rate.

Knotted Sewing Machine

Such as slings, pockets, zippers and other parts of the reinforcement and special pattern sewing, but special patterns need to be machined when sewing
Modification of the department (such as a grid machine). The old machine has 21, 28, 35, 42 needles, etc. according to the number of needles. The new computer can be freely set.
The number of needles is wide and narrow, which is convenient. The number of stitches of the old machine is fixed, and only a certain length of the knot can be hit.
The number will be too thin or too dense, the functional limitations of the old model will eventually lead to elimination, and now the new machine is spreading

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